G-301-OSedera Outdoor Side Chair

Stackable Lightweight High-Performance Side Chair in Multiple Styles. Sleek Styling and Ergonomic Design.
  • Reinforced polypropylene seat with chamfered detailing
  • Passive flex back
  • Rain Cloud shell is standard
  • Contoured seat pan protects chairs as they stack
  • Choice of Absolute Black or Bright White UV finish
  • Drain holes in seat allow for easy water and spill drainage
  • Stacks 8 high
  • Holds up to 350 lbs.
  • This product is available in our CET extension. Download it here.
Additional shell and/or frame colors available by special request

List Price Starts at $573

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Dimensions & Weight: 19.75"W x 21"D x 33.5"H, 17.25"SH
13.25 Lbs.


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Sedera Lightweigh High Performance Chairs
High-Performance Chairs

Sleek Italian styling and ergonomic design make the Sedera Collection the perfect chairs for comfort and flexibility. They are lightweight and the sled base can stack up to 35 on the G300 Chair Cart. Sedera is available in 10 eye-catching colors. The base is available in stainless steel or matching powdercoat colors. The chairs are made with reinforced polypropylene and passive articulating backs with chamfered detailing, The entire collection comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Flacon Sedera Lightweight High-Performance Chairs
Sedera with 800 table base in red

G301 with 800 Series Multipurpose Table in Poppy Red

Sedera with 7700 table

G301 with 7700 table base in Denim

Sedera Chairs in Museum Cafe

G301 and G301-1 Side and Arm Chairs in Museum Cafe