Educational Community Spaces

With our collections of modular, power-integrated, and customizable furniture, Falcon helps educators create dynamic spaces for flexible learning environments.

Solutions for Every Space

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom. Create space for learning opportunities in common areas, cafeterias and assembly rooms to engage students and allow them to perform at their highest levels.



From modular collections perfect for elementary-aged students to curl up with a good book to community tables for high school students to plug in their laptops, we offer durable, easy-to clean furniture for all ages and learning environments



Our diverse range of furniture is perfect for collaborative learning in cafeterias, libraries, commons, computer labs, STEM/STEAM, and Maker Spaces


Made in the USA

For over 70 years, our highly skilled work force has been building durable furniture for the education market at our factory located in Eastern, TN. The ability to source local raw materials helps ensure our customers receive their furniture on time and on budget.

The Falcon Advantage

Whether you need a standard product or a custom environment, we have the expertise to help create a dynamic space ensuring the needs of every learner and educator are met, allowing everyone to do their best work.

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The Future is Modular

1. Educational spaces are undergoing significant changes to better address the needs and challenges of their communities, including serving a variety of purposes.

2. Common spaces and more serve as a hub for multi-generational learning and collaboration, address the need for greater access to technology, and provide an environment for social engagement.

3. Modular furniture is flexible and easily reconfigurable by students of all ages, offering flexibility, durability, and comfort while keeping spaces up-to-date and relevant. Options available to suit any budget.


Find durable, easy-to-clean tables for for any application with our limitless combinations of surfaces and colors

Pair our occasional tables with our lounge chairs to add comfort and convenience. Select from our wide range of edge materials and profiles to offer a gentle radius or softer touch on your dining tables. Custom logos can also be applied.

We can add your school logo, power as well as build custom shapes and sizes.

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Booths help to cultivate a warm and inviting atmosphere in senior living facilities. They divide space and provide visual interest, while creating a comfortable space for family visits, small social gatherings or a quiet place to read.

Upholstered booths offer acoustic benefits and provide designers with a large canvas to create visual interest through fabric, vinyl, and many other design features. Various booth height options offer a comfortable study spot for students of all ages.

Power options can be incorporated directly into our booths.

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Allow students to easily pull up a chair for spontaneous group discussions, imaginative thinking, and creative expression.

From our Primaries Collection, perfect for younger students, to our wide variety of side chairs and barstools for teens, we offer sleek, comfortable designs so students can learn distraction-free.

Style and durable construction make our seating collections perfect for education. Our chairs can be finished in a wide variety of colors, including school colors and logos.

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