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Designing an Effective
Learning Space


Space Planning

The best place to start is with the room itself. Wide doors assist in moving furniture in and out of the space. Other key considerations are room size, HVAC and ventilation requirements, ADA, wall space, and ancillary space.


Size and Capacity

Rooms intended for different types of training must consider size. Classrooms require from 15 to 17 square feet per student.


Ceiling Height

Anything below 10 feet may pose problems for instructors using visual aids. Screen height should enable learners in the rear of the class to see above (not around) the heads of the people in front of them.

Learning Space Considerations

In addition to being wheelchair friendly, the room needs to provide space for guide dogs, assistants and equipment (such as recording devices), and should be designed to meet specific ADA guidelines, such as accessible doors, hardware and signage.

Wall Space

Capitalizing on wall space is an easy way to gain flexibility in the classroom. Walls need open areas for whiteboards or projection screens. It is also important to leave space for acoustic panels to reduce unwanted noise.

Ancillary Space

Learning doesn’t stop inside the classroom and a secondary, more informal environment is needed to digest information. Common areas should be close but not directly adjacent to the training room so that their foot traffic isn’t distracting to those inside the room.



Choose a low-pile commercial carpeting for improved acoustics. Look for a pattern that will remain stylish until you plan to renovate the room (approximately 10 years) and will not highlight the inevitable spills of everyday use.


Proper lighting sets the stage for a productive learning environment. Lighting needs to be set to evenly light a room with the riight color temperature and brightness for the task at hand. Today's LED lighting systems are both energy effiecient and adaptable for learning and education.


The moden learning environment requires tables and seating that are designed to work with laptops and mobile devices. Falcon makes tables and booths equiiped with USB and charging stations. As technology evolves, Falcon adapts and incorporates the changes into its furniture design.

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The Falcon Advantage

Falcon Seating

Style and durable construction make our seating collections perfect for education. Our chairs can be finished in a wide variety of colors, including school colors and logos. Our selection of seating includes chairs that will withstand 350 pounds.

Falcon Tables

Tables are where people, learn, eat, work and most importantly build relationships. For over 60 years, Falcon has been the trusted source for high quality tables. Our tables are available in ANY size, ANY shape, ANY finish and are manufactured in America with all North American sourced raw materials.

Power Options

Today’s high-tech environments demand advanced power solutions that are not only accessible but stylish. Falcon offers power in several configurations, ranging from simple plug-and-play to multi-circuit daisy chained solutions. Options include simplex, USB, and USB-C outlets. Our power units are appropriate for use in dining tables, conference tables, training tables, as well as booths and lounge furniture.

Featured Products

A few of our favorite products that are a perfect fit for classrooms

MATS Training Tables


Since 1959, Falcon has been the 'go to' resource for designers and architects who specify high-quality, commercial grade, tables, chairs, booths, and modular seating.

Why Falcon?

Experience.The educational facility is under constant evolution mirroring both learning and social models. We understand the trends and design our furniture to work well with them.

What is Falcon's competitive advantage?

Made to order commercial furniture doesn’t need to be complicated.  Falcon allows you to customize a broad range of tables, chairs and booths to suit your unique size, style and decor needs with durability designed to withstand the high traffic of an active commercial space.

Where is Falcon furniture made?

Falcon proudly makes its furniture in the United States. Our 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Newport TN is a federally certified HubZone. (HubZone is a United States Small Business Administration program for small companies that operate and employ people in urban and rural Historically Under-utilized Business Zones.)

Is Falcon on contract?

Falcon is on numerous state contracts as well as E&I Cooperative.

You can find information about our contacts here.

What is Falcon's evironmental policy?

Falcon operates in an environmentally and socially responsible manner at all manuracturing and corporate facilities and takes great care to ensure similar standards from each vendor partner. Our manufacturing mission is to continuously reduce waste, minimize our carbon footprint, and use sustainable natural resources as well as recycled and recyclable materials.