MN Menio Park


MN Menlo Park


Dining booth. Plain inside back and web seat. Available in a variety of standard sizes or may be customized.

COM Required: Features

  • Web Seat
  • Plain Inside Back
  • Double Needle Reinforced Stitching
  • Finished Ends
  • Uph Outside Back Single
  • Wallbench Unfinished Outside Back


  • Upholstered Outside Back: Add AA to Model number .4 yds per ft.
  • Power Console: Not available on upholstered outside back. Does not include price of electrical option. Console may be added between two units or at the end of a unit (adds 8"). Standard is Grade 1 Laminate and maybe upholstered (call for quote). Includes specified optional electrical cutouts
  • GLB-65 Miniport: Satin Nickel Finish or Powdercoat Finish (Black / Parchment / Silver). Constructed of die-cast zinc. 6 feet / 15 amp. Select 2 Simplexes or 1 Simplex/1 Data,
  • Other electrical options are available as a special quote

" Single booths are not intended to be modular or used to create a wallbench. If a wallbench is needed please use the wallbench specifications, model number, and pricing per linear foot."

Grade 1
Single MN16

28.25D x 30L x 36Hx42H or 48H
Seat H: 18.5
Seat D: 20

MN 16-36 5 YDS
MN 16-42 5.6 YDS
MN 16-48 6 YDS

Wall Bench MN40

28.25D x 36Hx42H or 48H
Seat H: 18.5
Seat D: 20

MN 40-36 1.25 YDS
MN 40-42 1.33 YDS
MN 40-48 1.5 YDS

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