Dining booth features spring seat and upholstered inside back. Multiple heights and inside back treatment available.
  • Spring Seat
  • Upholstered Inside Back
  • Black Vinyl Base
  • Single (DN12-36, DN12-42 & DN12-48) and Deuce Single (DN16-36, DN16-42 & DN16-48) units feature an upholstered outside back standard.
  • This product is available in our CET extension. Download it here.
  • Optional Inside Backs: 10: 6" wide Vertical Channels, 20: Horizontal Channels, 02: Headroll Additional Back Treatments available. Call for pricing
  • Optional Lengths:
    • Standard Deuce Length to 36" - 15% to Deuce Single or Deuce Double Price
    • 37" to Standard Single/Double Length - 10% to Single or Double Price
    • 49" to 60" - 25% to Single or Double Price Single over 60" - Use Wall Bench Price
  • Upholstered Wipe-out Channel
  • Wood or Laminate Top Caps
  • Wood or Laminate End Caps
  • Wood or Laminate Island
  • Wood or Laminate Base
  • Upholstered Outside Back : Add AA to Model number .4 yds per ft.

" Single booths are not intended to be modular or used to create a wallbench. If a wallbench is needed please use the wallbench specifications, model number, and pricing per linear foot."

List Price Starts at $792

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Flexible, Versatile Community Seating.

Falcon booths offer a stylish, functional and versatile seating alternative in a variety of design and upholstery options. They provide an efficient use of space and maximize difficult areas such as corners and alcoves while creating a fun and interactive environment. The varying heights of Falcon booth seating creates visual interest to any room and can be featured in high end as well as casual environments.

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