Dividing up a room and making it acoustically comfortable has never been so easy and effective. D-Space allows you to easily create different environments in one single room. The panels can be easily moved to mark out new areas depending on your changing requirements. For example, think of a trade show exhibition area which might need an intimate environment separated from the main exhibition area, where you can hold private conversations with potential customers. In this case, D-Space is the perfect solution to meet your needs.

D-Space is an excellent accessory from a functional point of view: light, practical, and stable - thanks to its pair of support feet made from satin stainless steel or from steel painted aluminum grey.

The D-Space panel is available with two types of sound-absorbing material: D-Space M with Basotect® melamine resin by Basf® and D-Space W with Whisper® material by Stratocell®.

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