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Beyond the Napkin™, A Product Design Contest

Beyond the Napkin™, A Product Design Contest

The Challenge: 

Booths and Modular lounge seating have become mainstays in every type of commercial environment. The ability to have seating made to fit the environment vs. being put into a box based on standard sizes and shapes makes it easier for the designer to deliver the right solution for the client.  We see booths in lobbies and libraries, exam rooms and meeting rooms, cafeterias and classrooms. Nothing makes a commons area less common than using booths to create comfortable, well zoned spaces for lounging, working, or perching. Falcon is only limited by the creativity of our client.

We challenge you to create a fresh and exciting lounge/booth collection.  The design may apply to any application found in a commercial environment.  (Areas may include but are not limited to dining, lounge, lobby, classroom, meeting room, respite space, etc.)  The successful design may be developed into a commercially viable finished product and sold to the market. Feel free to view our installation tab at and filter by booths to see recent projects.

The Criteria: Designs are judged on originality, overall design concept, and manufacturability.

Judges:  A qualified panel selected by Falcon will review the designs.  The panel will be made up of a cross functional team with relevant skills and experience in Product Design, Manufacturing, Engineering, Interior Design, Sales and Marketing.


  • First Prize $500 Dollars
  • Second Price $250 Dollars
  • Third Prize $150

Winning designs will be announced by February 28, 2021. Results will be featured on our social media feeds and  If the winning product is evaluated and accepted as a product, it will be featured on our website with credit to the designer(s) who submitted the design. 

What is required?  Each entry must include the following:

  • Electronic files in a PDF format. Files should include your first and last name.
  • Short paragraph (150 words or less) describing the design intent.
  • Drawings in elevation view (at least one view); however, more views are helpful. The product may be configured as one-sided, two-sided, odd shapes, etc. Seat heights can be lounging, perching, or work height.  Please call out the different options so your work is clearly understood.
  • Elevation drawings are preferred, but a plan view for alternate sizes or shapes is acceptable as long as your ideas are communicated.
  • Dimensions of the product including height, width, depth, seat height, shapes, or any other information required to understand the product.
  • Material call out for each portion of the product. Examples include wood, metal, upholstery, PET, acrylic, glass, mesh, etc.
  • Accessory items such as power, divider screens, cup holders, etc. are acceptable, but must be called out as such.
  • Product may be hand-drawn or computer drawn, but does not need to be photorealistic.
Sharpen your pencils and join us for our first Beyond the Napkin™ product design contest! Submit your custom design for a chance to win $500!

Download the application here.


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