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6 Considerations when Investing in High-Quality Furniture

You’ve just invested in new office furniture. As you prepare for the delivery, you’re probably focused on what to do with your old furniture, how the new pieces will look in your office, or what your employees will think about the change.

But what may not be top of mind—care, cleaning and maintenance—is an important factor in the overall life of your new furniture. Here are a few basic principles to help ensure excellent service from your new investment:

  1. Check the furniture upon delivery. Make sure that all of the parts have arrived in good condition and the product is assembled correctly. After the furniture has been installed and placed in use, conduct a post-delivery check and immediately report any issues. Remove from use any product that does not seem to work properly or meet the specification for that product.
  2. Establish a care and maintenance procedure on a regular basis, with steps clearly documented for all members of staff who are responsible for regular cleaning and maintenance. This will prevent more significant damage or personal injury, which may result if the issue is ignored.
  3. Maintain good quality, date-stamped records and checklists of all care, cleaning and maintenance activity. This helps to avoid missing an important step in the maintenance procedure and may be vital in the event of a warranty or product liability claim.
  4. Use only manufacturer’s recommended parts and equipment for repairs or maintenance, as well as recommended equipment to move furniture.
  5. Check that the furniture has been placed on a level, stable and smooth floor surface. On many occasions, what appears to be a defect with the furniture is actually the result of good quality furniture placed on an uneven surface. If you find your floor is uneven, consider adjustable glides to help level the furniture.
  6. Some furniture surface materials, such as wood and metal finishes, veneers, laminates, wood edges or plastics can be subject to color fading and physical deterioration when exposed to sunlight. Unless the furniture you select has been specified for such use, you shouldn’t use or store furniture in these conditions.

Looking for more furniture care and maintenance tips? Download our White Paper below for more information.


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