Designing for Gen Z

What Does Gen Z Mean to Me?
The Millennial Generation has certainly made their mark on the workplace and learning environment. The demand for creating a collaborative environment is the cornerstone of the Millennial Movement.
June 03, 2019

The Push and Pull of Open Office Design Pt. 2

John Hancock Open Office
Recently, Harvard Business School released a study reviewing open office design
September 28, 2018

Custom Furniture and the Dealer Designer

LinkedIn Custom Furniture
Dealer designers, long tucked into the background, are gaining new prominence thanks to a rise in the demand for custom furniture
September 25, 2018

The Push and Pull of Open Office Design

Open Office Case Study
Part 2 of the Harvard study on open office environments.
September 24, 2018

Welcoming the New Midway Airport Food Court

Midway Airport Food Court with Lucky Chairs and Stools
After 14 months of lackluster temporary food options at Midway Airport, the first round of new, permanent restaurants will be open for business July 30 as the airport unveils a sleek new food court in previously unused space in Concourse A.
July 31, 2018

The Move Back Into the City

Big City Office Design
In the war for talent, companies are turning away from huge rural campuses and embracing big cities to lure prospective employees.
July 24, 2018

Take a Seat, Take A Stand

Sit or Stand
Do I Sit Down or Stand Up? Sit/Stand Isn't Either/Or. It's Both.
March 06, 2018

6 Reasons to Hire a Designer to Specify Your Project Pt. 2

In this second post of a two-part series, we look at three benefits you can expect from a furniture selection perspective based on hiring a registered designer
February 09, 2018

6 Reasons to Hire a Designer to Specify Your Project

Hiring a designer can be one of the most important ways to ensure that your renovation or new construction project is a success.
January 31, 2018

North American Energy Producer

The headquarters of a leading North American energy producer features a traditional work environment, with each employee assigned to an office.
January 30, 2018

Falcon Launches New Site

You asked for fit. Based on your feedback, months of planning and hard work, we are proud to launch the new Falcon website.

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