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Role and Importance of Table Bases

For more than a quarter century, Falcon has partnered with the University of Wisconsin to bring modern, comfortable and attractive furniture to students. Recently, the college’s Memorial Union student center got a major makeover. The building was full of decades old furniture that was in great shape but needed a bit of a refresh.

Upon starting the process, the university wanted to simply repurpose the existing table bases because they were in such great condition even after 20 years of consistent use. It wasn’t until the designers and facility managers took a closer look that they realized they were Falcon tables. It’s no secret that our products stand the test of time, but it’s great to see it in action!

The Memorial Union, a hub of student activity on the university’s campus, is a combination of several space types including a study zone, a pub and an ice cream parlor, among others. Hundreds, if not thousands, of students utilize the Memorial Union’s facilities each day. To sustain this type of everyday use, Falcon provided two types of table surfaces, solid quartz and solid wood. Our steel bases work particularly well with heavy table tops as our bases are fully welded and will never come loose. The heavy base plate and column prevent the table from shaking or feeling even slightly tippy.

Thanks to the project team lead by Julie Wolf of the University of Wisconsin and our dealer of record, Henricksen, the university now has Falcon tables to last for another two decades and new spaces for students to enjoy.

University of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin


Q&A with Penny Gromatzky

Penny has been a consultant for private, public and school libraries for 34 years. Her extensive education includes Environmental Design at Texas A&M, Interior Design at El Centro College and Architectural History at SMU Abroad, Salzburg.

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