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Falcon Introduces Low Voltage Power and Lighting Solutions

Falcon Low Voltage Power and Lighting Solution, a state-of-the-art, fully integrated low voltage power and LED lighting system, is among the new featured products at NeoCon 2017. Falcon Low Voltage Power and Lighting Solution is a class 2 low voltage system that offers wireless control and is safe, easy and cost-efficient to install as it does not require a licensed electrician. The new system is highly energy efficient, modular and adaptable.

Powered by Nextek Power Systems technology, Falcon Low Voltage Power and Lighting Solution will be shown at NeoCon in conjunction with Falcon’s Acoustic Panels to create a solution that delivers wireless lighting control and strong sound absorption. Ambient or task light is created through the integration of Falcon Low Voltage Power and Lighting Solution into the panels. General room or directional lighting can also be delivered as necessary to contribute to the aesthetics of a space.

In addition to the integrated LED lighting solutions embedded within acoustic panels, any space adjacent to the panel area can benefit from adding a wide range of system components to facilitate full room or area lighting and control solutions. The robust, low voltage class 2 power and lighting system is “touch safe” and can be easily reconfigured without any safety concerns. Falcon Low Voltage Power and Lighting Solution offers complete control of building lighting through the SKY-Controls system of motion sensors, devices, and cloud-based software. The programmable and interactive architecture of the system provides a new standard of control and energy monitoring, helping achieve significant energy savings.

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Q&A with Penny Gromatzky

Penny has been a consultant for private, public and school libraries for 34 years. Her extensive education includes Environmental Design at Texas A&M, Interior Design at El Centro College and Architectural History at SMU Abroad, Salzburg.

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