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A Spotlight on Acoustic Lighting

Can a single product produce better focus, decrease stress and reduce presenteeis?

Noise and poor lighting are two of the most pervasive problems in the workplace. Both issues can drive workers to distraction on a daily basis. It's difficult to block out echoing voices and glare at the same time, and personal devices like headphones and task lamps can only do so much to alleviate these environmental irritants. An emerging category of fixtures seeks to solve this two-headed problem - acoustic lighting. Sound-absorbing materials paired with the latest LED technology deliver an effective combination of light and noise control. 

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Introducing KrystalCast Erasable Table Tops

At NeoCon this year, Falcon introduced a new addition to their line of KrystalCast acrylic table tops – KrystalCast Erasable! Lighter than glass, the high gloss surface serves as...

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